Upcoming Events 2021

Below is a list of all upcoming and past events.

Good Friday 2nd April - Surgery Closed 

Easter Monday 5th April - Surgery Closed 

May Bank Holiday 3rd May - Surgery Closed 

Spring Bank Holiday 31st May - Surgery Closed 

August Bank Holiday 30th August - Surgery Closed 

Christmas Bank Holiday 27th December - Surgery Closed 

Boxing Day Bank Holiday 28th December - Surgery Closed 

The practice will be closed for up to 9 afternoons each year to allow for in-house or locally arranged training events. These dates have been arranged for all West Kent practices by the local Clinical Commissioning Group and IC24 to ensure that primary care teams are getting the essential training and development that they need to deliver the best possible service.  Cover is provided by the out of hours service during this time.

Tuesday 12th January - Cancelled

Wednesday 3rd February  - Cancelled

Thursday 4th March - Cancelled

Wednesday 12th May 

Thursday 10th June 

Tuesday 13th July

Thursday  9th September 

Tuesday 19th October 

Wednesday 10th November