Concerned about a child or young person's thoughts, feelings or behaviour?

Are they in immediate danger?

Do they have an urgent need?

  • If in Mental Health Crisis, call 111

Is there a safeguarding need?

Have you contacted your Safeguarding Lead for advice? Information and guidance on Integrated Children's' Services can be found on the Kent Safeguarding Children website

They will cope, with the advice, information and support you can provide or access in school or college

If it's starting to cause difficulties with their school work, friendships or family relationships, they will need your support but will also need some extra help.

If it's preventing them functioning, they will need your support but also they need further specialist support to meet significant mental health needs. 

  • NELFT: provide access to clinical consultation and specialist mental health services. Call the Single Point of Access on 0800 0113474 or visit their website