Prescription Information 

28 Day Prescribing 

The West Kent CCG states that repeat prescriptions should be for a maximum 28 days to avoid waste.  A maximum supply of 56 days may be considered if clinically appropriate with the exception of oral contraceptives where a supply up to 6 months may be made . The only exception would be for patients requiring up to a three month supply for travel abroad and this should be an exceptional circumstance. 

Prescription Charges 

The prescription charges are per item and currently stands at £9.35 per item. 
The NHS website holds more information in how you can be entitiled to help with paying for your prescriptions
There is also a section on who can get free prescriptions
Prescription exemption forms can be obtained from the surgery. These certificates cover the cost for certain medical conditions. Once the form has been sent to NHSBSA we do not have any further contact. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q If I am going away will I be able to obtiain more than 1 month of medication to cover my holiday?
A Yes, If a patient is going on holiday we will make exceptions to the rule and can issue up to three months of medication depending on the duration of your time away. If you are staying within England (excluding Wales and Scotland) we can send your medication to a pharmacy local to where you are staying. 
Q Can I have more than one inhaler so I always have a spare?
A If you are using more than one inhaler a month we advise you book in to speak to our asthma nurse as it could be your asthma is not well controlled. If more than one inhaler is then deemed appropriate we can issue an appropriate amount of inhalers. 
Q I had an item a long time ago can I request it again?
A No, If you havent had a certain item in over a year you will need an appointment with the GP before it is prescribed again.