For some great advice on the menopause please see; , and

If you feel that you are suffering from the complications of your menopause, then please make an appointment to see or speak to Dr's Phillips/ Thomas/ Degenar/ Sandys for more advice. 

We are very happy to prescribe HRT in appropriate situations. We will need an up to date blood pressure before prescribing and it does need an in depth consultation. 

Lifestyle choices play a big part in managing the menopause better. Stopping smoking, avoiding or reducing alcohol intake/ loosing weight / doing more exercise play a big part in the management. 

We encourage you to regularly examine your breasts at home and attend for your cervical screening as recommended. 

One of the safest ways to prescribe HRT is via the transdermal route, so Oestrogen via patches/ gel/ spray. 

Any women with a womb will need endometrial protection in the form of a progesterone as well. This can be given orally, however one of the best and safetst ways to deliver the progesterone is via the Mirena Coil. For use as part of HRT prescribing it can be used for 5 years. Please see our Coil advice under our 'Contraception' heading.