How to Book  Routine Appointments 

The procedure for attending  face-to-face appointments at Tonbridge Medical Group : Face Masks are still COMPULSORY.

We are now offering a variety of appointments -

There are telephone appointments, face to face appointments, e-consult appointments (see the electronic form on the opening page of the website) and pre-bookable appointments available. If you would like an on the day URGENT appointment you need to ring at 8am (on the dot!). There are often queues at this time.

Please be patient with us, we do have a large number of Care Navigators working and a number of phone lines available.

Please work with the Care Navigation Team to find the most appropriate appointment depending on the urgency of the situation. The Care Navigation Team are working hard to get you the most appropriate appointment option and this may NOT be with a doctor. We have an ever growing team of highly skilled professionals who may be able to help you including practice nurses, HCA's, clinical pharmacists and physcians associates.  We have recently had unprecedented demand for appointments, so routine medical problems may be booked in a pre bookable appointment with your named GP (sometimes in a few weeks time).

The Care Navigation Team will ask you a few questions about your concerns, this is in order to direct you in the most appropriate direction. Please help facilitate this. They are there to help you so please be kind. 


booking routine appointments

We value continuity of care highly. We would appreciate it if you could try to follow up on a partcular concern or problem with the same doctor. If there is a slight delay in getting that appointment, it is still best to speak to the same doctor for continuity please.  

Previously shielded or Immunosuppressed patients

Please remind us that you are a shielded patient when booking an appointment to see our nurse, HCA or phlebotomist.  

You can also arrange a telephone/video appointment with your GP who will discuss arrangements with you if you need to be seen by your GP in person.

Please can all patients be aware of the following guidance:

  • Please arrive in good time for all appointments. When you arrive at the surgery please check in for your appointment at our front desk and register your car number plate at the computer. 

  • We have limited waiting space in out waiting room. Please do NOT arrive too early for your apppointment. 

  • Entrance to the building will be via the front door and main stair case. 

  • Please wear a face covering (without a valve)  on entering the building and apply hand sanitiser.

  • Please do NOT attend the surgery if you have any Coronavirus symptoms - New cough, high temperature or loss of sense of taste or smell. 

  • You may be asked about Covid symptoms prior to attending. If any are present we will respectfully request that you rebook via telephone.

  • Please use the toilet before coming to the surgery.

  • Please enter the building on your own, unless you are a child or have a disability, when you can be accompanied by one responsible person only.

  • If a chaperone is required this will be provided by Tonbridge Medical group.