Flu Vaccinations 2022

Watch this page for updates re this years Flu Vaccination Programme. 

When coming to your appointment, please remember:

  • Wear a faced covering/mask (without a valve) inside the building and throughout your appointment.
  • Loose fitting clothing will help us to readily access your upper arm to administer the vaccine

You must cancel your appointment if you develop any COVID symptoms within the 10 days prior to your appointment. 

Shielding/high risk patients

Let us know if you have not had your flu vaccine and we can arrange for this to be given safely. 

Household contacts of shielded patients are now eligible to be vaccinated against flu.

Eligibility - The following are eligible for a flu vaccine:

All 50-64 year olds are eligible for the flu vaccination from the 1st December

Over 65s  
Pregnant ladies
Health and Social Care Workers
Patients with chronic diseases e.g. diabetes, COPD, (only asthmatics on regular inhalers are eligible)
Obese BMI >40
Preschool children aged 2-4

Children in school years, reception to year 7, will be vaccinated by the school vaccination programme. Please let us know if your child missed this. We are only able to offer a catch-up nasal flu vaccination if your child has a long-term health condition which makes them eligible.  

Household contacts of shielded patients

Nasal Flu Vaccines - under 18 

We vaccinate all pre-schooler children aged 2-4 years old and children who have a long-term health condition.

This is an effective vaccine and preferable to the injection in this age group.  

However, it is not suitable if your child is: severely immunocompromised, asthmatic with a past history of admission to intensive care (ICU) or those currently taking oral steroids.

Please discuss with reception if your child has suffered a previous anaphylactic reaction to egg or to the flu vaccine.

Please reschedule your appointment if your child has heavy nasal congestion or has a current illness with fever.